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4K at the Speed Of Light
The Fullest 4K via Fibre Optics

Our latest fibre optic HDMI links are superior to all copper based solutions.

NueTec's Optical Fibre product range feature laser (VCSEL) powered System on Chip (SoC) technology;

ensuring the fullest 4K performance for gamers and movie aficionados.

AOC18G - up to 40m
Active Optical HDMI 18Gbps
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OTR - up to 300m
Fibre Optic HDMI Extenders
OTR - up to 1km
Fibre Optic HDMI/DVI Extenders
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The 4K Revolution

"4K (Ultra HD)  will revolutionise the experience of viewers..."                        NueTec connectivity  will make it possible.

4K is a term widely used to describe a high resolution TV or a Projector that has 3840x2160 pixels (a 4096x2160 resolution in digital  cinemas). In its simplest form 4K, is a resolution that is 4 times higher than HD (1920x1080). 4K is also a format that has game-changing features which make it very difficult to describe 4K as a single specification list standard....

Press release January 2017 Press release

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